In Alchemy, seekers look

for the hidden ingredient to turn lead into gold... 

Diana SkyEyes Alchemilla CD

   ...And for me, on my CD "ALCHEMILLA", these songs represent that personal journey of self.

    Music is a part of me, and I have been singing,writing music and playing instruments since I was a young child. Today, I am a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter mixing a unique blend of blues, folk, rock and roll, country and jazz. I perform currently in many music festivals and venues across the United States, and delight in bringing engaging and soulful performances to each show!  As a certified Hospice musician, it is also my pleasure to share sound healing in hospitals and elder care facilities with a smile.

    "Alchemilla" is a compilation of my earliest music,as I sought to move through life experiences and gain understanding. I am working on my NEW CD now, and look forward to posting clips and videos as soon as I can!  So, sit back and drink deep from an Ancient Cup...Let thoughtful lyrics, soothing harmonies and healing sounds weave together to create a deep sense of peace. Take the Journey!

  Music, like Love, has always been an alchemical agent..a medicine to transform and heal. I offer it gladly now, at a time of deep changes!


 ..In the Age that troubles you

   Art is ever at your door,

  A silver chain or a golden thread

-weaving Answers from Those Before...

 From: "Back To The Valley" Copyright Diana SkyEyes, ASCAP

Back to the Valley.mp3

Copyright 2017 All rights reserved Diana SkyEyes,ASCAP

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